Dushi Means

Dushi: What does the word ‘dushi’
mean in Papiamento?

Dushi is the most commonly used word in the
Papiamento language: the native language of the
islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao.

On Aruba it is called Papiamento and on Bonaire
and Curaçao it is called the Papiamentu.

Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao are also known as
the ABC islands.


Papiamentu, which literally means “talk”,
“to talk”, or “talking,” is the native language
spoken in these three small islands off the coast
of Venezuela. Discovered in 1499, these islands
are located in the southern Caribbean, just 60 km
north of mainland Venezuela.

In Papiamento, the word ‘dushi’ has
several meanings: to call someone dushi means
‘treasure’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘darling’ or even ‘sexy’.

Dushi also means sweet, nice or good. It is also
used to indicate that something is tasty or to name
a sweet person, to promote a pleasant place
or to describe something good or nice in life.

One thing is certain: dushi has many different
meanings, and while there is no literal translation
for it, it always has a positive meaning and sentiment.

The word is much like giving or receiving
a hug.


dushi means

In essence, dushi is a word used to describe
all the beautiful things in life,  such as the fine
beach, the good food and drink or to describe a
beautiful and attractive person. To be on Aruba,
Bonaire or Curaçao is dushi in itself.

It is also believed that the word dushi comes
from the Portuguese word “dulce”, which means,
among other things, also tasty, fine or beloved.

Dushi means that something is very pleasant
or that it tastes sweet like candy or a delicious

Being sweet or loved also means dushi.

Mi dushi means my darling, but dushi is also
widely used for addressing children. Most often it
is used to let someone know that you find them
sexy or attractive.

It can be said that the meaning of
dushi is all of the following:

DUSHI is everything you love.
DUSHI is everyone you love.
DUSHI is everything you like.
DUSHI is everyone who loves you.
DUSHI is everywhere you like to be.